At Fellowship of Faith, we believe that one of the best ways to grow in our relationship with God and to see others transformed by Christ’s Good News is by learning, serving, and worshipping with other believers. Because of the pace of life and the many demands on our time, living in community is not always easy. We are always looking for new ways to encourage people to connect to each other in groups of all sizes.

Community Events

Fellowship of Faith celebrates different throughout the year with large group activities. This consists of things like Paint & Date evenings or our annual Fall Festival. These events can occur after Sunday morning gatherings or on evenings throughout the week. Sometimes these are registered events for specific groups, but, most often, they are informal gatherings for the entire family. Not only are these larger setting great ways to meet other FOFers, but they also offer great opportunities to introduce new people to the FOF community.

Home Groups

As the name implies, these groups of people meet in homes to get to know each other and to grow in their faith. They also look for opportunities to serve the local community through service projects. We hope to see more groups start this year and are always glad when people choose to be part of a home group. These groups take place throughout the week and different times.

Wednesday Evenings

We realize that not everyone feels immediately comfortable meeting in others’ homes. But we also understand that people need a chance to connect to others in the FOF community. At 7pm on Wednesdays, Fellowship of Faith offers various group Bible studies throughout the year. We also offer prayer groups that also meet on Wednesdays.

Men’s group

Our men’s group meets every other Monday at 7pm. Like our other groups, our men study various topics that specifically speak to the needs and concerns of guys, including spiritual development, family dynamics, or workplace issues.  Additionally, our men’s group seeks ways to serve others using sweat equity.

OTher Groups

From time to time, we offer other groups that deal with specific personal and spiritual issues. We have had groups dealing with addiction and grief recovery, as well as women’s Bible studies. These groups are announced via the website and app.